Our Story

They had tried other care sites for kids and pets and found that they all missed one important thing: the trust factor.

Scrolling through complete strangers with background checks and positive reviews wasn’t all that comforting. They found themselves asking friends and associates who they used instead.

And with that, an idea was born (over text message!) to fill the void in the marketplace by building an app from the ground up—JUGGLE.

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Emily Kentris Music–Co Founder 

Like many of you, I’m used to having a lot of balls in the air. As a single mom to a busy daughter, I found myself utilizing OSU college students to babysit during law school back in the day. Two of them happened to be my co-founders, Ashlee and Amber! That was a long time ago…

Since then, I gleefully retired from domestic practice, recently got remarried and am seeing my daughter off to college this year. I’ve already experienced the benefits of having a JUGGLE squad at my disposal, as I love to travel with my husband and family, and our three pampered pooches need in-home care while we are away.

Having an entrepreneurial dad, I’m so proud of building something from the ground up with my sister and besties. Helping local families get tapped into the wonderful resource of college students is exciting and gratifying, I’m ready to change the world with this app!

Annie Kentris Arthur–Co Founder

I am no stranger to hard work. In my life I’ve been the lone waitress in a 20-table restaurant, a recruiter working on 100% commission making 100 cold calls a day, a medical malpractice attorney and a restaurant franchisee. When I had my first baby, I decided that being a mom was stressful enough so I took a hiatus and stayed at home full time. That’s when I realized being a mom is hands down the hardest job I’ve ever had.

When my husband, Matt, came home from working long hours I implemented a “better with a break” rule; meaning, I had to have a moment to myself to recharge. My recharge moments often include reading, traveling to warm weather always, going to concerts and an occasional miserable workout.

Now, two crazy boys later, I’ve decided to join the tech world with my life-long confidants to try and help parents get that break I know they deserve.

Cheers to parents everywhere. You’re killing it. Every. Day.

Amber Lear Nolan–Co Founder 

I love juggling life with my husband, Jim. Between a dual working household, an active 3rd grader and Kindergarten twins, our life is crazy! But we love every minute of it.

Balancing a career and my family can be tough when it comes to finding trusted help. I have used care sites and have been dissatisfied, until now! With my heavy background in sales and recruiting, I love finding bright, energetic students to fill the needs of my family, friends and community. Building a company with my twin sister, Ashlee, and childhood best friends, Annie and Emily, is simply a dream.

In addition to carting Lucy to soccer and chasing the twins around, I am a workout fiend so I can burn off all the home cooked meals my foodie husband cooks me. An occasional glass of wine never hurts either.


Ashlee Lear Giannetti–Co Founder

I have always known I was going to be a career woman…and a mom. My husband, Jeff and our three children, Belle (9), Will (7) and Leo (4) are our lives. My bio will sound strikingly similar to my twin sister’s. What can I say? We share DNA. I also found being a working mom a struggle and finding people I trusted even tougher. Building this solution from the ground up with Amber and my two best friends was the way to make sure I had a solution that delivered EVERYTHING I wanted in childcare.

I was lucky to grow up with two amazing, hard working parents who told me I could do anything. Now I know my children will believe it when I tell them the same thing. Watching JUGGLE help families find the trusted help they have always been looking for is more gratifying than I could have ever imagined.

When I’m not juggling being a mom and an awesome wife to my super-supportive hubby, you can find me sweating it out with my sister at the gym, having a cocktail with friends and trying to make my kids smile any chance I get.


Greg Pugh–Chief Operations Officer

Greg Pugh has been with Juggle from almost the start, having been the first person we ever pitched our idea to while he was Senior VP of Venture Acceleration and Customer Acquisition at Rev 1 Ventures. He appreciated the passion that Juggle and thought they just may be the team to make it work. He watched and guided Juggle for two years, then joined the team as a business consultant before finally coming aboard full-time as our Chief Operations Officer. He’s a hands-on dad to three kids.

Chad Snow–Director of Technology

Chad Snow is the newest full-time member of the Juggle team, serving as Juggle’s Director of Technology. Chad received his B.A. in Chinese, Political Science and International Studies from THE Ohio State University and his MBA from Wright State University. A former analyst with the FBI and app developer at Nationwide, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his job. Most importantly, Chad is a parent and understands the needs of our users.