Squad Goals

The families who hire you have great expectations. Here’s how to wow ’em!

  1. BE AVAILABLE. When you signed up, you uploaded a schedule of free time during which you can commit to handling Juggle jobs. We want our users to depend on being able to find Jugglers when they’re in need. Otherwise, they’ll look elsewhere. We don’t want them to do that!
  2. SHOW UP.  Parents are relying on you once you commit to a job with them. It’s not easy to arrange back-up at the last minute. So, if you have to cancel for any reason, please do so well in advance. Juggle adheres to a three-strikes rule: if a Juggler cancels three times, their contract will be suspended pending review, and may be terminated. Nobody wants that!
  3. BE PUNCTUAL. In fact, we recommend arriving a little early for your job. First, figure out the “where” of your job;  enter it into your navigation to estimate how long it will take you to travel there, and make sure to factor in traffic in the area. Getting there a little early gives you time to get to know the “who’s” of your job.  
  4. BE PROFESSIONAL. That means showing up for your job in decent threads, shaking hands, being polite, and making our users feel comfortable entrusting their kids, pets and homes to you.  
  5. BE PROACTIVE. That means follow any instructions that you are given for the job, but try and go the extra mile. It will make people remember you and want to hire you again and again, and recommend you to their friends! If you see dishes in the sink, put them in the dishwasher. If the counter is sticky, wipe it down. You get the idea.  
  6. BE ENGAGING. If you’re babysitting, be sure to show up with lots of energy, energy to burn! Our users don’t expect you to plop the kiddos in front of the tv so you can snapchat…And remember, most households these days employ some sort of monitoring, be it a hidden camera, or their own children. If you’re disengaged, on your phone and giving less than your best, chances are the parents will find out and it will be reflected in your review!
  7. BE CAREFUL. Safety first! We want you to be safe, and the kids and pets entrusted to you to be safe. If you ever show up to a job and feel uneasy, or that something just isn’t right, listen to your instincts and contact Juggle support immediately. Use your best judgment when it comes to caring for those most precious to people. Give them your undivided, undistracted attention. Hold hands if you’re crossing the street, buckle up if you get in the car, and use your common sense to make sure your job doesn’t have any hitches. 
  8. BE KIND.  Ever hear patience is a virtue? Never is it more true than when working with children. Jugglers aren’t mean, they’re happy and patient, and never, ever yell. They read stories, change diapers, rock to sleep, and do it with a smile! Think Mary Poppins here, a spoonful of sugar helps!
  9. ANIMAL INSTINCTS. Only take a job pet sitting if you like animals. They can tell if you’re not into it!
  10. KEEP IN TOUCH. Parents love to see how their kids and pets are doing while they’re away, if a squad member can send a quick pic to mom or dad showing their lovies having a great time, it goes a long way to easing their minds!  
  11. OFFER WRITTEN FEEDBACK. We encourage our squad members to leave notes for their pet families at the end of a job; since the pets can’t speak to what went down while their parents were away, it’s nice to hear from the sitter whether they were walked, fed, any things out of the ordinary, etc. 
  12. HAVE FUN!! Yeah, you’re doing this to get paid, but we hope that you’ve chosen to join our squad because you know that this gig is supposed to be fun. We have families and professionals with great kids, great pets, and great events for you to work when it fits into YOUR schedule.