Mandy makes our hearts LEAP!!

Juggle has saved a very special February love-month shout-out for last.  Today, we are wrapping our grateful arms around Mandy Hauer, our very first mom-boss, a forever friend who is the perfect illustration of what “juggling it all” really means.  She’s mom to three, a business owner, an advocate for breast cancer awareness, a Juggle cheerleader, the list goes on.  She makes it look easy, but it doesn’t mean she’s had it easy.  Mandy has struggled with anxiety her entire life.  Together with her sister, she created Brand New Day, which sells apparel and jewelry with a message: that those suffering through mental illness are not alone, that it’s okay not to be perfect, and that tomorrow is waiting with a fresh start for everyone. “I feel lucky to be able to follow my passion for helping others through both of my businesses. Juggle allows me to connect sitters and families, resulting in a win-win for both! Brand New Day is a place where I get to work with my sister, share my mental health journey, and sell fun apparel to fight the suicide epidemic. Remember, you are not alone and tomorrow’s a BRAND NEW DAY!” #REALnotperfect

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