The Official Juggle Gift Guide

The verdict is out on this Season’s hottest gifts, and the Juggle kids want it ALL! Although Santa’s elves won’t be able to deliver all of these goodies, we wanted to share what the hot ticket items are for our kiddos! So here comes the looooong list…..

Hydro Flasks, who knew that a water bottle would be SO high on so many lists? But yes Hydro Flasks are in high demand for all ages! Something about that cute little symbol has boys and girls of all ages wanting one!  The cool trend about Hydro Flasks is adding on cute stickers that represent who you are. I ordered a bunch of stickers from Etsy for very cheap. Hoverboards are still landing on everyone’s list! But thankfully for Santa, the going rate has come down quite a bit!  It looks like lots of our kiddos are keeping it real and wanting Barbies, Legos, and American Girl Dolls. If you have a daughter like mine, who wants a fancy Barbie Dream House, I have some great advice. Check out those Facebook Buy Sell Trade Groups. I found a gently used one on there last year for a fraction of the price! Your bank account will thank me later.  Electronics are always going to be on kids wish lists, I mean hello, it is the 21st Century! If an Xbox is on your child’s list, Costco sells them for a great deal this season! Nintendo Switch is a great option for the kids, as it’s a handheld device that can travel with you easily! Chromebook is another electronic that is at the top of the list (they can do school work on this device, so we can’t argue with this option). One of my favorite electronics on our wish lists was a Ninja high speed blender to make smoothies.  Now this is a gift that keeps on giving! For those active kids out there (or parents who need some help wearing their kids out), electric scooters (wear a helmet please!), glow in the dark basketballs, Pop-a-Shots, air hockey, ping pong tables, lacrosse goals, footballs, dirt bikes, razor motor bikes, new soccer cleats, dribble up soccer balls (super cool if you haven’t seen it!) have all made the list! Wow, now I would be excited to have any of those with my name on it!  And move over LOL dolls, Mini Brands are the new and thrilling tiny piece surprises! Have you seen them?! I am not going to lie, they are absolutely adorable. Brands such as Mentos and Franks Red Hot come in miniature sizes to collect. But don’t worry, LOL dolls are still flying off the shelves!

Here are some other gift ideas for kids of all ages:

Clothes, clothes and more clothes! The most popular trends this year seem to be Justice (again), Nike (always!), Patagonia, Abercrombie KidsVans, Air Jordan, and  sports jerseys. The list continues with art supplies, Treasure X, Paw Patrol, dinosaurs, sharks, bath bombs, pretend makeup (yikes!), Calico Critter house and Owleez. Also a great idea for this year is buying experiences for your kiddos. Some of ours have mentioned skating lessons, build-a-bear gift cards, pottery making gift cards, sporting event tickets, etc. I love the idea of creating memories like this!

As always, if you’re looking to spread the Holiday spirit with your children, GIVING, GIVING, and more GIVING! Every year that we’ve done a charitable event, or worked with a community organization, we hear our kids talking about it for weeks afterwards. Something as simple as dropping off canned goods and toys to the local fire station seems to make an impact on them every time!(Bonus: If you just ask, the kids usually get to take pictures in the firetruck!)

I also thought it was necessary to add in an item that WILL NOT be making it under the tree this year: a hamster. Sorry I’m not sorry!

Well, thats a wrap!(get it?) I hope this was somewhat helpful! Also, for all the parents that are soon to have the kids home Every. Day. For. Two. Weeks, we have some other gift ideas! (See: Beer/Wine section of your local store).  Happy shopping from your Juggle Team!