#MomCrushMonday is back!


Naomi Askew has a full plate.  She is mom to three kids: a daughter, 22, a son who is a rising senior, and a busy four-year-old.  Not only is she a mom, she’s a hockey mom, and hockey moms know just what that entails.  Two years ago, she was juggling her high school freshman son, Colbys’, practices and games, running after her two-year-old, her job as an emergency room nurse and pursuing a masters in Nursing and Family Nurse Practition-ing(?).

That’s when a bomb was dropped on her family.  Colby suffered a hockey injury and it was discovered that he was suffering from a rare congenital liver abnormality.  In a way, hockey saved his life.  He was placed in the transplant database and waited ninety days before an angel donor was found and he received a new liver.


Colby’s transplant was two years ago.  His journey back to good health was not easy, but Naomi was her family’s rock through it all.  Despite all of her family’s challenges, Naomi finished her masters on time!   “I was determined to finish on time, to show him you can’t give up on your dreams and your life.”

"Why Juggle? Because life is a juggle every day, and you can always use extra help!"

—Naomi Askew

Nina, Colby's liver donor.

Nina is Colby’s “angel donor”. When she passed at age 10, she provided life-saving organs to four people. Since meeting a year ago, the two families have become extremely close.  It has provided everyone with a new perspective, a renewed appreciation of how truly precious every day is.  Naomi is now a passionate advocate for organ donation, supporting Donate Life North Carolina and Carolina Donor Services.  She will be participating in Donate Life’s 10th anniversary gala at Prestonwood Country Club in Cary on November 3rd.  Their journey is also chronicled on social media (Facebook and Youtube – TeamColby52).

So, how does Juggle fit into all of this?  Well, turns out we’ve saved Naomi’s scheduling sanity, as her husband is a paramedic and ER nurse, she continues her work as an emergency medicine nurse practitioner at Duke Raleigh, and has also recently started grad school round #2 for her doctorate in Nursing Practice.  “So, when you think you can’t chase your dreams, go back to school, look for that dream job, manage chronic illnesses or spend time with loved ones…. our family is here to prove that you can.  And though our lives go in crazy directions managed by a color coded Google calendar, we have Juggle to thank for keeping our life straight.”  And this is why we do what we do.  To help amazing families like Naomi’s to be able to do the wonderful things they do.