Juggle heeds the call from our users and adds Post-a-Job feature to make hiring a sitter even easier!



We get it, we’re moms.  We know you’re busy just keeping everyone in your house alive on a daily basis.  The last thing you should have to worry about is the stress of finding an amazing, trustworthy sitter FAST!  That’s why at Juggle, we are constantly updating and iterating on the features we offer.  Listening to valuable feedback, Juggle seeks to continually raise the bar and improve the user experience with improvements and added features.  With those goals in mind, we created a brand-new, super-efficient way to book your next sitter: post-a-job.

With post-a-job, all a family has to do is input the date and time that they need to book, and the Juggle app will put out an APB to ALL available sitters.  The app sends a notification every time a sitter application is received, so the user is able to sit back, relax and wait for the buzz.  View an applicant’s profile and click to accept, or go back to view other applicants. This feature is perfect for the family who needs a sitter STAT, or for those who prefer not to submit requests one-by-one.  Not to worry, the OG way to book remains, we just love giving our families options.

Juggle has many other updates and improvements in queue, so be sure to follow our Facebook page for breaking news!