Phoenix, get ready to Juggle!


Beth and her beautiful family.

Beth Garcia is bringing Juggle to it’s first market in Arizona, and we couldn’t be more excited to help Phoenix families live their best lives!  Having attended high school with three of the Juggle founders, Beth has known about the game-changing babysitting (and more) app almost since its inception, and has been wishing to have just such a solution to her childcare woes where she lives.

Knowing Juggle’s record of success launching in communities like hers across the country, she knew it was the perfect fit for Phoenix. She also knew that she wanted to be the one to introduce it to her family and friends sharing the same frustrations with existing childcare options.

We think Beth’s right and are thrilled to have her on our team!  She feels blessed to live in “The Valley of the Sun” with her husband and three little ones!  She wasn’t always shoveling sunshine in Arizona though!  It wasn’t until after graduating from law school at The University of Toledo, that she headed west to the Phoenix area to begin living her best life!  

She’s been practicing law in The Valley since 2006.  In 2013, after a thirty day last hoorah in Europe with her husband, life changed! KIDS!  Beth is mom to a three-year-old girl, and two boys, ages nineteen months old, and four months old.  To say she juggles a lot is an understatement, even after scaling back her law practice to dedicate more time to her family. 

Here’s why she’s committed to building a Juggle network:

Well, this is a cause I just HAVE to get involved in!  Having been raised in Ohio, I have no family in Arizona.  My husband is from New Mexico.  He has no family here.  We are complete transplants (like many people in The Valley) and despite all of our AMAZING friends (that we do consider family, however, we don’t want to constantly utilize for childcare!), we are always looking for quality childcare providers.  Don’t get me wrong, we have built a great little network, but it’s not about just us; EVERYONE should be able to access quality, affordable childcare at their fingertips without having to go through grueling hours of weeding and interviewing!  We ALL already have enough on our plates! We have even flown one of our sitters in from another state on multiple occasions to help us when we needed extended childcare.  Read as:  WE NEED JUGGLE. 

A few other tidbits about me:  I’ve run eight full marathons, completed an Olympic Distance Triathlon, I love to hike, I miss my dad and grandma dearly, I don’t feel normal unless I’m doing a million things, I’m obsessed with milkshakes and chocolate/peanut butter in general (especially Dietsch’s from my hometown, which I also miss dearly), my husband is an absolute ROCKSTAR, my kids are so much fun I can hardly stand it (I guess that’s why there are so many of them) and last, but not least, I thoroughly enjoy alone random spa days (again, we need juggle).

Welcome, Beth!  We can’t wait to see you turn Juggle into a household name there in the valley!