What we did on our summer vacation.

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Summer: “So much sunshine in every square inch,” Walt Whitman.  Fleeting though it is, the Juggle family managed to eek everything we could out of the summer of 2017.  The overriding theme: summers spent (mostly) at home manage to last a little longer.  We started with Hollywood, ended with hurricanes, with lots happening in the middle.

Amber’s summer was expectedly busy, with twins in the midst of the turbulent three’s (2’s were a breeze compared to the 3’s!!), and one little diva who figured out how to take and post videos on mama’s phone to Facebook…

She enjoyed a lot of quality family time at the pool, weekends at the lake, family reunions, almost-daily trips to get ice cream, scooter rides around the neighborhood, some generous pours of rosé, and a maiden voyage to Zoombezi Bay.  

There’s a theme here, Annie had a busy summer as well. But she managed to juggle Juggle, home renovations, and keeping the kiddos entertained with the greatest of ease. Biggest challenge:  hosting family, including 12 cousins ages 9 and under, at the beach.  She even managed to get a little education in with a trip to Fort Sumter, which the kids had studied in school.  The rest of the summer was filled with street tennis, trips to the lake, a quick trip to visit cousins in Chicago, including a Cubs game, and finally, she and her husband celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary by getting pizza with her parents.   Doesn’t get much more romantic than that. 

Ashlee’s summer vacay was strikingly similar to Amber’s. Same pool, same neighborhood, same family…#twinningatlife.  She enjoyed long, lazy days at the pool, watching 2 kids swim at meets while trying to corral a 2 year old, twilight bonfires, golf cart rides, tree climbing, and lots of ice cream. Summers at home mean everything to her, it’s how she grew up, and it’s how she wants her kiddos to grow up.  Oh, and did we mention the cat wedding? 

Being a mom to a college student, I’m just trying to chase time to spend with my daughter.  If possible, summers go even faster when there’s a back-to-school goodbye waiting at the end.  Hospital ER trips bookended her summer at home–tonsilectomy to start, and an ankle sprain at the very end.  I can’t say I regret those two weeks spent at home while she recuperated from surgery–lots of popsicles and Netflix and having her mostly to myself! The rest of my summer was spent at the lake, with family, and I enjoyed some summer concerts–U2, Blink 182 and, wait for it…Corey Feldman.  It. Was. Everything.  And in a blink, it was over.  But who doesn’t love fall and football?? #gobucks