We just couldn’t keep Juggle all to ourselves here in our launch city of Columbus!  The power of social media helped to create awareness of Juggle beyond the confines of Ohio’s capital county.  And the very mobile nature of our society has seen our friends scatter across the country, they wanted Juggle where they live, too.  The loudest call came from Cincinnati, where they were desperate for a better way to hire sitters.  It so happened that we have a very good friend there, Mandy Hauer, who led the campaign to bring Juggle to her Queen City friends.  We saw her passion for the concept, and knew her hustle created the combination we needed to execute a successful launch there.  Four months later, and Cincinnati is outpacing the first few months of growth in Columbus! 

Forward momentum is afoot, and Juggle is looking to launch in even more markets, bringing the best babysitting app to the people who want it most: desperate families and hungry college students.  Check out our new “Locations” page on our website: https://whyjuggle.com/locations/.  Juggle has been busy bringing connected, savvy moms with hustle aboard to head up marketing and recruitment in each of our emerging cities.  We will never stray from the idea that Juggle needs to be more than an app, it needs to be a service on which our users can depend.  These mom bosses are set up for success and will help us to adhere to this core tenet as we grow.  We couldn’t be more proud of the fact that they believe in and trust our brand. 

Welcome Laura (Dayton, Ohio), Kara (Toledo, Ohio), Cassie (Detroit, Michigan), Susan (Nashville), Lauren (Charleston, SC), Meghan (Raleigh), Stefanie (Atlanta), Erin (Houston), Sarah (Austin), and Kyla (Spokane).  Where should Juggle head next?! 

If you’re a mom with hustle and would like to join Juggle, send inquiries to Annie Arthur,  annie@whyjuggle.com