Back to the Beginning: 1988

Annie, Amber, Emily and Ashlee

Let’s take things back to 1988…

Rain Man and Die Hard ruled the box office, Michael Jackson and George Michael were at the top of the charts, and the summer olympics were held in Seoul, Korea.

In Findlay, Ohio, the seeds of a lifelong friendship were sprouting at Wilson Vance Elementary School’s fourth grade between three of our co-founders, Ashlee and Amber, identical twins, and Annie.  Meanwhile, our fourth founder, Emily, Annie’s older sister, was navigating sophomore year at Findlay High School, doing her best to ignore her little sister and her sidekicks.

Over the intervening years, there were graduations, moves, marriages, children, but one thing remained the same: friendship. More than friendship, though, a sisterhood. All four founders eventually found themselves in the suburbs of Columbus, raising their families, together. When they weren’t gathering for birthdays or holidays, they blew one another up on a text chain they labeled, “sistas.”

It was on this text chain that Amber reached out to one sunny day in July 2015, suggesting that the pain they had all felt trying to find trustworthy, reliable child and pet care could perhaps be solved by them. None of the “sistas” had been satisfied with the national care sites and the impersonal, inconvenient services they provided. Local options weren’t much better, sitters were kept at arm’s length by administrators and there were penalty fees when trying to book a sitter in under 48 hours. Brainstorming and spitballing over hundreds of texts back and forth boiled things down to the fact that this needed to be an app, and it would be called “Juggle.”